Member of The Board – Tomasz J. Jasinski

Jungian analyst, author

Your image of yourself is your particular bit of mist that your carry around.
– L. Vaughan-Lee


We live in times when our view of reality is changing, leading to a questioning of the way of thinking about the world that until now was considered obligatory. It emerges from a need to revise the traditional divisions of learning and models of scholarship. By learning to question so called hard truths of science we gradually expand our awareness of their limitations in the face of the unfathomable universe.

Our Institute is a place to co-create a space for reflection on the global changes in consciousness, that in my opinion are leading to a new renaissance, to reclaim the lost link between different aspects of human thought, so as to return to science its lost spiritual dimension, and to free the study of spiritual matters from accusations of being illusory.

Tomek works in Warszawa and in a global network. He studied philosophy and psychotronics at several universities in Poland and elsewhere. In the course of more than ten years of psychotherapeutic practice he worked with people undergoing various forms of suffering, of all ages, beginning with three year olds to eighty year old. He is an individual member of IAAP, a founding member of PTPA and PTPJ, and served as a two term president of PTPJ. At present he is a teacher, member of the board and training committee of PTPJ, and also academic editor of online magazines and

He is interested in the nature of suffering and the process of healing from the perspective of depth psychology and spirituality, in wounding and destructive events in individual and collective lives, and the emergence from these of post traumatic structures of reality. He is the author of papers on the subject of the meetings of different areas of experience and of crossing mental boundaries arising from changing paradigms of thinking about the world and Man.




Article: “Language, Culture, and Psychological Communication”
Chapter: „Influenced, Changed, or Transformed? Reflections on Moments of Meeting in a Borderland”

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