„I think we’re afraid of it because we use so much energy trying to control our lives, trying to keep ourselves disciplined, staying with clocks and calendars. It takes immense energy to keep the worlds we’re trying to control going. We put ourselves into controlled little boxes where we are king or queen, where we are omnipotent as long as we can keep our boxes small enough. But smashing against those frail structures is the chaos of the unconscious which is ready to bombard us like Niagara Falls. If we have any consciousness at all, we know that. We know our boxes are shaking. Sometimes people get that shaking in their dreams and nightmares.”


What is going on in Europe? By Paul Kieniewicz

By Paul Kieniewicz "Europe’s Many Souls Exploring Cultural Complexes and Identities" Edited by: Joerg Rasche and Thomas Singer Publ: Spring Journal Books  435 p  Price: £23.95 ISBN: 9781935528746 Can we [...]

“An ancient adept has said: ‘If the wrong man uses the right means, the rich means work in the wrong way.’ This Chinese saying unfortunately only too true stands in sharp contrast to our belief in the right method irrespective of the man who applies it. In reality everything depends on the man and little or nothing on the method. The method is merely the path, the direction taken by man; the way he acts is the true expression of his nature. If it ceases to be this, the method is nothing more than the affectation, something artificially pieced on, rootless and sapless, serving only the illegitimate goal of self-deception. It becomes a means of fooling oneself and of evading what may perhaps be the implacable late of one’s being.”
– C. G. Jung, CW13, “Alchemical Studies”, par. 4


Immediate self-observation is not enough, by a long way, to enable us to learn how to know ourselves. We need history, for the past continues to flow through us in a hundred channels. – James Hillman, “Healing Fiction”

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