“One small institute, one small lunch each month among a few friends and acquaintances, can hardly turn the city around, raise the level of its self-awareness, its reflection and insight into its unconscious repressions. Or might these conversations already be at the cutting edge of raising consciousness? For if we here are working at curing our talk and less at talking of cures (for this or that problem) we would be engaged in true conversations, the very activity that does turn all things around.”

– James Hillman – “Philosophical Intimations” 

Raven – the Institute of Cultural Studies hosts local events in Poland. Every month we organize the discussion clubs regarding the current cultural issues, inviting specialists from different fields – psychoanalysis, art, history and cultural studies. The aim is to facilitate the creative dialogue and reflective position across various disciplines and cultures. We also organize lectures and seminars on Jungian psychology with the most recent “The Introduction into the Works of Carl Gustav Jung”. Part of our mission is to support the training of individuals who want to become Jungian analysts. The Institute provides professional supervision for students in IAAP training and therapists interesting to learn more about Jungian psychoanalysis. For more information check out our Polish page.

Introduction into the works of C. G. Jung

Discussion clubs - Poland: Warszawa, Czeladz

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