Jungian online magazines is the online magazine about analytical psychology that has its beginnings in works of Carl Gustav Jung run by Raven – the Institute of Cultural Studies. Its idea emerged out of our life long passion for analytical psychology and the need to provide the service that would collect information looked for by those working with this method, studying about it or just making it their main or one of many interests. The Institute publishes the English and Polish version of the magazines.

As such is directed both to professionals and people of interest in Jungian analytical psychology. We hope you can find here many interesting resources about conferences, events, books, journal articles, blogs or articles published on the web. Starting now in the middle of 2014 we hope to grow big and provide up-to date information looked for by Jungians across the world.

Analytical psychology that started at the beginning of XXth century in Zurich, Switzerland is nowadays truly worldwide enterprise spreading around cultures. We hope to be able to provide in the course of time integration of different undertakings that are located in the places geographically distant but close to each other in meaning. We believe multicultural aspect of depth psychology offers not only possibility to exchange knowledge but is itself a creative space that can be a fruitful ground for new ideas.

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